TaiWan Flying Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Flying Vehicle Co., Ltd. (also called TWFV) was founded in April 2021 by aerospace expert Mr. Lin Yaozhang in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Its main purpose is to develop, design and manufacture new Taiwan Flying Vehicle (TFV) products.

Taiwan’s aircraft include Taiwan’s unmanned aerial vehicle (TFV-Ux) and Taiwan’s manned aircraft (TFV-Cx). Their flight configuration is completely different from other aircraft today. They can not only fly vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), but also transform into Level High-speed flight, lasting more than 3 hours.

Taiwan’s manned aircraft, also known as Taiwan’s Flying Car, is an inevitable trend for human flight in the future. It is also the company’s main product in the future. It is foreseeable that after being sold in large quantities, it can immediately solve the congested traffic problem.

Founder Lin will shift the early development of unmanned vehicle technology for flying vehicles to the current development of military drone series, such as: small attack drones (TFV-TS1A / TFV-TS1B / TFV-TS1C / TFV- TS1D), medium attack drones (TFV-TS1E / TFV-TS1F/TFV-TS1G) and flying artillery shells (TFV-RT1A/TFV-RT1B), while developing a new wing-folding unmanned aerial vehicle: an unmanned aerial vehicle with a load capacity of 240kg. Human-machine TFV-U1. At the same time, the same model can be used as a three-seater manned aircraft – the Taiwan Flying Vehicle TFV-C3A is also powered by hydrogen energy. Not only does it contribute to the earth’s environmental protection, but also in response to the development of hydrogen fuel engines, the TFV-C3A will There are four power specifications developed to provide different application fields to choose from.


The ultimate goal of TWFV is: to fly freely like a bird, overlooking the beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and seas.
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