People have never given up flying. The advent of Taiwan’s flying car proved to the world that Taiwanese people have the ability to create bird-like aircraft that can fly freely in the sky and soar around the world with amazing maneuverability.
In the near future, we will allow everyone in the world to realize their dream of flying. People’s desire to fly alone in the sky will be realized by us on behalf of the Taiwanese people.

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Promoting our sub-scale Flying Car TFV-C3A designed by the founder, Mr. Lin Yao-Chang in the TADTE SHOW 2023.

TFV-C3A is a three-seater eVTOL flying vehicle. After taking off vertically, the wings gradually unfold from folding to a fixed-wing state for horizontal high-speed flight. Because the wings can be folded, the parking area is reduced; its application is similar to that of a flying car, because it has the advantages of vertical take-off and landing of helicopters and high-speed horizontal flight of fixed-wing aircraft. In addition to being used for manned transportation, it can also perform other special tasks. For example, applications such as disaster relief operations in alley buildings, emergency rescue missions and instant material supplies, exploration of dangerous areas or sampling observations, and use as temporary airborne communication relay stations.

The unique flying concept of Taiwan’s flying car is the future aviation trend of flying cars around the world. Its biggest feature is that it can freely switch between vertical take-off and landing flight and then horizontal flight at high speed. This allows Taiwan’s flying car to land in rugged terrain. Being able to commute or carry cargo between urban areas can transform human actions from a 2D plane to a 3D space, achieving the ultimate goal of aviation of free and arbitrary flight. We believe that in the near future, we will see Taiwan’s flying car flying in The world’s skies.

Taiwan Flying Car TFV-C3A

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