Product Introduction

The current development projects of TWFV include: Taiwan Flying Vehicle (TFV-C3A),  Loitering UAV (TFV-TS1C/D) and Flying Artillery Projectile (TFV-RT1A/B)

Flying CAR -- TFV-C3A

Taiwan’s Flying Vehicle TFV-C3A is a three-seater manned aircraft with foldable wings during takeoff and landing, which occupies a space slightly larger than an existing car parking space. It can operate in vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) helicopter mode without runway assistance, and can fly at high speed in fixed-wing aircraft mode (Level High-speed Flight).

TWFV has applied for multiple invention patents in Taiwan, China and the United States based on the design concepts of UAV and flying cars, to challenge the drone market, and then advance to multi-person aircraft. It will lead Taiwan’s related industries in manufacturing components and establish a complete supply chain of independent production not only can improve the level of domestic production technology; but also become a production base for small flying vehicles to supply over the world.

Comparison of Flying Cars

Loitering UAV -- TFV-TS1D

TFV-TS1D is a tail-sitter type of aggressive UAV with three motors. It is capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) rapid climb and level-flight into a fixed-wing high-speed flight mode.

Flying Artillery Projectile -- TFV-RT1A

The TFV-RT1 series is a rocket-concept vertically launched flying equipment powered by vector-controlled EDF. It is divided into a wingless simple type (A type) and a retractable wing (B type) vehicle.


In recent years, multi-rotor drones have become a product that is consumed crazily around the world. Although this type of vehicle has many advantages, it hides a key problem that cannot break through the bottleneck of payload and endurance, making it difficult to apply in practical applications. At present, multi-rotor aircraft powered by lithium poly (LiPo) batteries have a maximum payload of about 10 kg and a flight time of less than 30 minutes. The number of batteries or the number of axes (six-axis, eight-axis) may be increased to a limited extent in the design. axis), weight and flight quickly produce a saturation effect that prevents linear growth. In addition, the rotorcraft must rely entirely on rotational power to obtain lift for flight. Compared with fixed-wing aircraft, the rotorcraft will consume more energy to maintain flight, and the efficiency of converting the power source into flight performance is low.

The Taiwan Aircraft UAV (TFV-U) launched by our company can solve the above problems. TFV-U uses a linear rotary engine/Fuel Cell Hybrid hybrid engine/simple H2 gas + Fuel Cell as the main power. Taking advantage of its energy/weight ratio, the energy density of fuel is more than 4.4 times that of batteries. The energy density of hydrogen fuel cells is With higher energy density, it will also be able to obtain greater power and longer-lasting airborne capabilities to meet the payload and endurance requirements.



TFV-U covers very excellent flight performance, with features such as high payload (>100kg), long endurance (>2hr), fast flight (>300km/hr), long distance (>500km), etc., and has many patents of our company What makes TFV-U unique and completely different from other UAVs is that TFV-U can directly perform vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) from a stationary state. In addition, it can also transform into a horizontal high-speed flight mode at any time. The unique house-shaped wings (Roofing Wing) can provide lift during high-speed horizontal flight. It is made of lightweight carbon fiber composite materials. It uses an aviation fuel engine and a precision mechanical transmission system to rotate the fan tube thruster to generate large vertical lift and forward thrust. Not only the endurance and range are increased, but also the load capacity can be increased. Therefore, the company is confident that if we enter the market with TFV-U, we will achieve substantial commercialization.

In the future, the main commercial competitors of Taiwan Aircraft UAVs may be large-scale UAVs. Currently, DJI in mainland China occupies the main consumer market and does not have specific products focusing on large-scale, high-payload, long-endurance products. In the UAV market, other UAVs from various companies around the world have shortcomings of endurance and short range. The Taiwan Aircraft UAV (TFV-U) has the characteristics of vertical take-off and landing and high-speed horizontal flight, and its load capacity is between 60 -200 kg, I believe TFV-U can lead the market in the future.



美國NASA及DARPA(The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)都在開發新一代垂直起降飛機與無人機,酬載能力及速度範圍都大幅改 進過去對無人機的印象,至數百公斤酬載及數百公里的速度,中國大陸也發表一系列垂直起降無人機,不過都還停滯在小型、輕量、短航程的精緻型載具。不論是GL-10、鷹射線或V-22,價格都在航空器的範圍,每架約值新台幣5~10億元。





Strength 優勢


Weakness 劣勢


Opportunity 機會


Threat 威脅


Once the power system is detected malfunction, the main control system is immediately to switch to safe mode and tried to slow down the craft with searching a suitable location for emergent landing, regardless of whether the aircraft is in helicopter mode or high-speed horizontal flight mode. At the same time, the backup motor is activated to drive the fan tube booster (FTB) to achieve a speed reduction effect so that the aircraft can land safely.


Backup Power Supply and Fan Tube Booster (FTB): The backup battery pack provides power for the aircraft’s safety devices and additional power for landing.

For safety reasons, once the engine fails, the backup battery will be activated immediately to drive the FTB to reverse operation. The FTB will provide enough lift to make the aircraft descend at a slower speed. At the same time, the system will automatically search for a suitable landing site nearby to achieve a safe landing.


Parachute: We are developing a parachute that can open within 0.6 seconds, with a safe height of less than five meters and a load-bearing capacity of 500kg.

Once a crisis occurs, the system ensures that the total weight is within a safe range (under 500kg) and abandons the payload when necessary to ensure that the parachute can safely open under a safe altitude quickly. Through edge AI monitoring and calculation, the system made the best operation to slow down the craft to make a safe land in a fine and safe area.



Commuting Equipment

Just like French director Luc Paul Maurice Besson’s 1997 film “The Fifth Element”, Taiwanese are now gathering their wisdom to participate in this Techfest.

The Taiwan Flying Car TFV has a folding wing, which is currently slightly larger than a car parking compartment to take off and land, and can safely transport you to your destination without a driver.


Air Taxi

Air Taxi is similar to commuting equipment but no need to purchase the flying car.  The passenger(s) is/are only make a reservation of the trip through phone call or internet, the service provider will take you through the flight as easy as you take a cab in the ground.

When you make a reserve to the Air Taxi operator for a trip after paying enough insurance and cost, no matter where the operator can deal with the Air-Control Center to provide a convenience trip for you.

Imagine you have a very urgent meeting on the 80th floor of the skyscraper “Taipei 101” from 100 miles away.  No matter how you take the MRT or other ground transportation, even take a helicopter cannot provide enough landing space, but the Air Taxi with TFV-C3A can let you reach the top floor of 101 in a very short time, and get you to this important place in time.

Even flying vehicles are not able to provide such a compact landing range as the TFV-C3A. With the foldable wings of the TFV-C3A, it can take off and land in a space that is only slightly larger than a car parking space. .


Aerial Sightseeing and Tours

People like Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla, imagine they can one day to fly in the space for the beauty of the sky. Now, we are so lucky to live in the era of open skies, and we now can take a fly by anyone  anywhere through the technology’s developing and progress.

There are options for people to make a bird view over the sky, by a airplane (in the altitude of 6,000 through 15,000 meters height) or a balloons, gliders or small airplane in the lower altitude. Except the ballons, the other type should use runway to take off.

Now, you have another choice for a sightseeing in the sky and for a air tour by a VTOL craft, TFV-C3A. It is able to fly under 3000 meters and you can enjoy the open sky.


Air Communication Relay with Air Sentinel

In places where the communication of the base station is interrupted on the ground, or where the communication deployment in the outlying island area is weak or lacking, the flying car can not only be used as an air base station by itself, but also the TFV-UX of Taiwan’s UAV series will be able to scatter several sub-aircraft from the belly of the aircraft to become a mesh communication network.

Especially when disasters come (such as the Tainan earthquake), drones play the role of communication relay stations, and TFV-UX is even more extensive because it has a surface Mesh deployment, which has a wider range. Through telecommunications and video, real-time images and information can be used to make the best rescue action for the command.

When serving as a communication relay mission, it can also take on the important role of an air sentinel for the bird’s-eye view and control of the area.


Maritime Ship Supply and Personnel Transportation

TFV-Ux and TFV-CX can be used to replace the current use of cable for ship-to-ship replenishment, especially when warships need to be replenished for many years, TFV flight vehicles can provide necessary personnel or supplies for replenishment, which is not only faster, simpler and more convenient.

In terms of transportation and replenishment of commercial shipping, it is also possible to put an end to rampant extortion and hijacking by pirates. In addition, the TFV-UX can also be used as a bodyguard of the sea dart bureau to ensure the safety and smoothness of the implementation of sea transportation.


Logistics and medical assistance in remote sites.

Taiwan’s ITRI has a very good performance in hydrogen energy multi-axis airborne delivery of drugs to alpine areas, saving the general use of manpower to drive most of the day to and from the mountains and flat land, because the payload is light, so the advent of the TFV-UX UAV series (TFV-C3A Unmanned Type), can carry 240kg of goods for logistics, material supplementation, for the improvement of remote, alpine tribes, mountain rescue and emergency medical rescue and so on to help a lot.

The TFV-C3A three-person landline for medical care can carry medical personnel and patients at the same time, and through the emergency medical equipment on board, it can be used by medical staff before the medical base flies to the emergency response center of the hospital, which is enough for the center to grasp the establishment of the required medical equipment, personnel and surgical platform through the equipment on the plane, so as to enter the preparation process of medical assistance in the fastest time.

Outlying islands and other areas often encounter a shortage of materials to be replenished, and at the same time, the outlying islands are extremely lacking in postage, cargo delivery, and emergency medical aid, and even more, in the event of a disaster, such as: The flooding of Zhuozhou under the flood in China has caused many local people to be unable to get the necessary materials, and because it is difficult and because of the safety of the large underwater, it is impossible to send the materials one by one on rubber rafts, if the appearance of TFV-Cx & TFV-C3A at this time will be able to make up for this disaster and allow the local people to get immediate rescue. It is even possible to evacuate people to safe areas one after another.


Logistics delivery between Islands and to outlying islands

There are many countries in the world with many small islands, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, which have thousands of small islands. Due to the large size of the country, it is not possible to develop enough airstrips and airports for cargo planes to take off and land, and it will take a long time to use sea transportation to supplement such a large number of inter-island transportation.

With the advent of TFV-UX, inter-island transportation can be carried out in a very short time, which is not only efficient, but also prevents pirates from thieves and threats, and can also use the TFV-Cx manned flying vehicle to transport personnel to a safe area in an emergency. For example: Emergency evacuation of people in the event of a volcanic eruption.

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